Afan Valley Angling Club Website Introduction

Website Intro - Before You Wade In

This Website is intended to provide the Afan Valley Angling Club, it's members and also it's visitors, with a level of knowledge that will ensure that everyone who is associated with the club and it's activities, have a far more enjoyable and fruitfull experience.

This is only my second year fishing on the river, and therefore I must confess that I am no expert. Ultimately the knowledge and info that I hope to collate within this website, will hopefully be contributed by YOU. Those who have spent many enjoyable and succesfull years on the river, perfecting your techniques & equipment and expanding your knowledge within growing experience.

I hope that this site will encourage youngsters and newcomers to take up the 'sport' and join our club. Through the development of the fishing experience on our river, I hope that visitors will return, with other visitors and that newcomers and existing members continue their regular visits to the river bank.

That's enough from me! I hope the site will be as usefull as I intend it to be, but ultimately that depends on your contributions.
Thankyou....... and Tight Lines!!
D.Hall, Website Administrator.
Website Registration & Membership Types

All web viewers will be granted access to the Website intro and Club intro pages and the 'Members area' will remain exclusive to registered Club Members/Visitors. All remaining pages can be access following a simple registration process, including registration for our quarterely newsletter. This control policy is required to ensure that data collected from the site, is validated and authentic.