1. MARCH, FLY ONLY ALL MEMBERS. Fly Rod, Fly Line and Fly Reel only. No fixed Spool Reels, Spinning Rods or other tackle.
2. Not more than two brace (four fish) to be retained in any one days fishing.
3. No trout under 9 in (22.8cm) or migratory fish under12 in (30.5cm) to be retained.
4. Only one rod per person allowed to used at any time; any other rods to be broken down. No float fishing allowed. Permit not transferrable.
5. Apart from March, which is covered under rule 1, only fly or worm to be used, except in June, July, August, September and October, when spinning is allowed provided the water level is above the prescribed yellow marks which are situated at:
a. Mansel Weir;
b. Corlannau;
c. Ynysygwas;
d. Pwm Pell, Cwmafan;
e. Dan-y-Bont, Pontrhydyfen;
f. Afan Argoed Bridge;
g. Afan Dale, Cymmer.
6. The season shall be from March 3rd until September 30th for non-migratory fish and until October 17th for migratory fish. No worming allowed in October.
7. Fishing is allowed from one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset, with rod and line, for non-migratory fish. Only fly fishing is allowed at night for migratory fish.
8. No fishing allowed in the Fish Pass Pool (below Dock Intake Weir), or for 20yds upriver of the Fish Pass (Green Park).
9. No fishing allowed in side streams.
10. Anglers must vacate a pool after 20 minutes if requested by another angler waiting to fish that position.
11. Dogs are allowed with anglers, but must be kept under control at all times.
12. No fires to be lit on Forestry property.
13. All rules of the Environment Agency Wales (EAW) must be observed.
14. All members must carry their Permits and Identity Cards when fishing the River Afan. These must be produced when demanded by any Club Bailiff or fellow Club Member. All Police, EAW and Afan Valley Club Bailiffs have the right to inspect bags etc. Anyone challenged whilst fishing and not able to produce Club Permit and Identity Card will be asked to leave the waters.
15. Members must take out an appropriate EAW Licence each season before commencing to fish.
16. Catch Returns must be submitted to the Ticket Secretary with a membership Renewal Form.
17. When requested, anglers must provide a specimen signature. Fishing Rod must ONLY be used by the Permit Holder.
18. No fishing on River Corrwg.
19. Membership of this Club will be withdrawn if any of these Rules are deliberately broken by the holder of this Permit.


Details can be found in the club members handbook, as the constitution itself cannot be published